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It is the southernmost municipality of Lleida and the highest in the Segrià, adjacent to the districts of Tarragona and Zaragoza, the Ebro River and Maials Seròs municipalities. Rainfed agriculture (olives, almonds and cereals), livestocks (pig farms and poultry) and lignite mines. Olive oil produced by traditional cold system. The reservoir of Riba-roja d’Ebre is an attraction for the landscape, water sports and sailing. Panoramic views at various points of the term. Big Game Hunting – Wild Boar

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Council Membership

  • Jennifer Nadal Godínez CIU


  • Esther Ballesté Ormo ERC


  • Josep Miquel Ballesté Ballesté ERC


General services


Address: C/ Sant Joan, 62, 25187
Phone: 973 138038
Fax: 973 138038

First-aid kit

Address: C/ Major, 18, 25187
Schedule: First-aid kit that depends on the Pharmacy of Maials, is open Monday to Friday from 15:30 to 17:00 hours. The rest of the hours and weekends there is a pharmacy on duty to some of the neighboring villages.

Forest Protection Association

Address: C/ Major, 2, 25187
Phone: 973 138013
Schedule: Available to operate all days of the year after receiving a fire notice, from anyone. Phone: 639 602 406.


Address: C/ Sant Joan,
Schedule: Once a month

Post Office

Address: C/ Major, 2, 25187
Schedule: Every working day from 1 p.m. to 1.15 p.m.

Multi-Purpose Hall (Town Hall)

Address: C/ Major, 2, 25187
Phone: 973138013
Fax: 973138067
Schedule: Every day from Monday to Friday

Selective Waste Collection

Schedule: Several days a week, responsibility of Segrià Regional Council.

Funeral Services BORRAS

Person in charge in Almatret: Mr. Fabià
: 680326738


Sports Commission

Address: C/ Major, 2, 25187
Phone: 973138013
Fax: 973 138067
Web: visit

Festival Committee

Address: C/ Major, 2, 25187
Phone: 973 138013
Fax: 973 138067

Cycling and Excursionist Club Almatret

The cyclist and hiker club Almatret is responsible for organizing cultural and sporting events such as mountain biking gear, hiking trails, biking challenges, hill climbs and nature tours throughout the territory.
It has also recently been FEEC federated.

Date of foundation: 17/08/2007
Address: C/ Major, 2, 25187
Phone: 973138013
Fax: 973138067

Reginetes de Secà association

Socio-cultural, gastronomic and festive association of Almatret, to attend the meeting of the snail of Lleida, festival par excellence of the capital of Segrià, which is celebrated every May. We also organize other events, where there is no lack of good food and debauchery. A group with the spirit of the people of Almatret: welcoming, funny and with a lot of feeling.

Founded in 2013 to 80 members. Look for us and follow us on social networks:

Facebook: Reginetes de Secà –
Twitter: @reginetesdeseca
Instagram: reginetesdeseca2013
Aplec del Caragol official web:
: C/ Maials, 53, 25187

Elderly Association of Almatret

Address: C/ Sant Joan, s/n, 25187
Phone: 973 138163
Fax: 973 138067

Fishing and Navigation Association of Almatret

Address: Pl. Major, 11, 25187
Phone: 973 138207
Fax: 973 138067

L’Alba Women’s Association of Almatret

Address: C/ Major, 2, 25187
Phone: 973 138004
Fax: 973 138067

Hunters Association

Address: C/ Major, 2, 25187
Fax: 973 138067

Forest Protection Association Bosc Verd

The forest defense group’s main objective is to prevent and act against forest fires.

Address: C/ Major, 2, 25187
Phone: 973 138013
Fax: 973 138067

FC Barcelona Group of Almatret

Address: C/ Sant Joan, s/n, 25187
Phone: 973 138053
Fax: 973 138067


In order to apply for a works licence, the attached application must be completed and, in the case of minor works, the budget must be submitted, and in the case of major works, the project must be submitted.

Download Application works licence

Application form for any procedure that has to be done by the City Council.

Download General Application

All people who want to burn pruning from October 16 to March 14 fine have to go through the City Council to make the communication.
Attached you will find the communication model.

Download Burn communication

Segrià Regional Council

Lleida Council

Micro-village Association

Urban planning POUM

Included below is a link to the Register of Urban Planning of Catalonia that allows immediate telematic consultation of the content of the documents that make up the urban planning instrument approved with full guarantee of authenticity and integrity by virtue of the provisions of the fourth additional provision of Law 2/2007, of 5 June, of the Official Gazette of the Generalitat of Catalonia, and Article 103.3 of the Consolidated Text of the Urban Planning Law modified by Law 3/2012, of 22 February.

Go to the Register of Urban Planning of Catalonia

In the sessions of 3 December 2015 and 27 October 2011, the Lleida Urban Planning Territorial Commission adopted, among others, the agreements of the enacting terms that are reproduced in the announcement in relation to the municipal urban development plan for the municipality of Almatret.

Download POUM Announcement